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Pilates is an exercise system designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the
muscles of the body. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, a boxer & a gymnast
who was born in Germany. He immigrated to America in 1926, meeting his
wife-to- be, Clara, on the trip over.  Together they opened a studio in New
York City to teach his system which he had named “contrology”.
Pilates exercises use a combination of deep
breathing and slow controlled movement to
align the spine, decompress the joints,
strengthen the core, correct muscular
imbalances, and release tension.

The Pilates method includes more than five
hundred exercises that can be done either on
a mat or using equipment designed by Joseph
Pilates.  Classically Pilates equipment uses
springs to provide assistance or resistance.  
Exercises can be modified to be easier or more
challenging by using less or more spring
resistance and by changing the position of the

The purpose behind practicing Pilates is to
uniformly develop the body and the mind.  As you
practice Pilates you must concentrate on correct
movement, utilizing breath control to help center
your body, controlling your movement so that it is
flowing and precise. Pilates improves alignment,
strength, flexibility, and elegant movement.  Specific
emphasis is placed on strengthening the “core” –
the deep abdominal muscles, muscles around the
spine, and in the hips.

Anyone may benefit from practicing Pilates.  It is
becoming increasingly popular for both its fitness
and rehab benefits. Because Pilates helps to
rebalance the body and train efficient patterns of
movement, it is of benefit to anyone seeking optimal
  • Increased lung capacity and circulation
    through deep breathing
  • Improved strength and improved flexibility
  • Better postural symmetry
  • Increased balance
  • Joint health improvement
  • Positive body awareness
  • Enhanced muscular control
  • Strengthened connection between the mind
    and the body

Pilates training is available at Club Olympia in mat
classes as part of the
group exercise programming.

Private training is available in mat, reformer,
cadillac, chair, and ladder barrel.
Semi-private training is available in mat and chair